The Economic Systems and Processes Research Programme of the Planetary Development Institute has both theoretical and practical application. On the one hand, it focuses on current ideas, solutions, concepts, models, and theories in the contemporary economic science. On the other hand, it analyses contemporary practices, institutes and mechanisms, instruments and innovations, and immediate economic context and trends in individual economic sectors and markets. Research, analysis and forecasts comprise the research basis for practical solutions of individual problems of world economic management, and the transformation of the global economy to a new type of planetary economy. We believe that the vector of development in the area could come from the transition from the discredited unrestrained growth strategy to a strategy of harmonizing economic processes and relations, harmonizing production and consumption, recycling and resource substitution, and creating a biocompatible economy.

The subject matter of the Economic Systems and Processes Research Programme focuses on the most important objectives humanity must set in the current economic situation. These objectives include:

  • Identifying risks and threats in the current economic practices and forecasting crisis phenomena and processes;
  • Developing anti-crisis solutions and models;
  • Improving manageability of chaotic and stochastic processes in the contemporary market;
  • Searching for and implementing effective economic global problem solutions.

The most important thing for the Planetary Development Institute is to identify possibilities to modernise the modern economy in a systematic way. These possibilities could include:

  • Preparing national economic systems to transition to the Sixth Techno-Economic Paradigm;
  • Closing the gap between economic development levels of different countries and regions;
  • Creating a system of planetary economic co-operation on the principles of parity of development between agents, rational distribution of production forces, optimizing and environmentalisation of natural resource management, recycling, resource saving and resource substitution, as well as just income distribution;
  • Creating economic mechanisms of a united planetary economy based on planetary rent;
  • Transition to noospheric economy.

Besides, it is planned that the Economic Systems and Processes Research Programme will focus on developing theoretical foundations, models and solutions to implement key Planetary Project ideas spelt out in the book "Planetary Project: From Sustainable Development to Managed Harmony", and on creating new economic ideas, solutions and models based on Planetary Project hypotheses.

Thematic problem-based research, consulting and R&D projects will form the core of the Economic Systems and Processes Research Programme.