The main Planetary Project monograph Planetary Project: From Sustainable Development to Managed Harmony argues that modern global problems and the current economic crisis do not only have an economic nature, but a social one as well. We believe it is crucial to recognize a social dimension of economic and financial processes and civilization problems, and to insist on a systemic and critical examination of this dimension, its forms and trends. Economic and environmental, political and cultural realities of our time are closely interconnected with social institutions and mechanisms; they have a considerable influence on each other. It is all the more apparent when we look at issues such as: the difference in development levels between countries and regions of the world; just distribution of resources and wealth; harmonization of the relationship between man and nature; and the care for the future of the planet and future generations.

The Social Systems and Processes Research Programme of the Planetary Development Institute focuses on the accumulation, development and practical application of in practical terms the most valuable ideas, concepts and models of contemporary social science. The following R&D is planned to solve pressing social issues in areas that include:

  • A social block of global problems;
  • Historical-cultural and economic transformation of traditional social institutions and networks;
  • Evolution of social institutions, networks and agents of a new type;
  • Democratization of social management;
  • Countering extremism and terrorism;
  • Correction of social inequality;
  • Changes in social values etc.

Basic, consultation and R&D projects are forms of implementing the Social Systems and Processes Research Programme.