Planetary Events

Destitution makes way for poverty


Is it possible to live on two dollars a day? The World Bank has published statistics on poverty and destitution on the planet


Stephen Hawking's posthumous book is ready for publication. Brief Answers to the Big Question: do advanced biorobots need the ordinary Homo sapiens at all?
Planet Eater


Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), the world’s leader in exact sciences and technology, shared some of its astronomers’ recent new discoveries
Death of the Empire


Continuing academic debate about the root causes of the death of the Byzantine Empire which succeeded Rome
Crisis of the Civilization of Heavy Metals


The site of scientific and technical news, which presents press releases of the world's largest laboratories and universities, has published the results of the latest biochemical studies of Greenland ice
Astronomers Face Another Mystery


The authoritative The Astrophysical Journal published the results of their latest research conducted by a group of University of Berkeley astrophysicists into radio signals from space
A tour around the Moon


The world learned the name of the first tourist who will fly around the moon
Earth continues to warm


The Science Advances has published the first results of a study of a group of climatologists from Yale University under the leadership of Mary-Louise Timmermans
To Mars and back


The website of one of the leading technical universities in Europe, the Federal Polytechnic School of Lausanne, has published a detailed plan for the colonization of Mars
End of the World Japanese Style


The latest discoveries of Japanese space researchers have spawned a new wave of discussions about the end of the world