Status: the IT Department is a unit of the Planetary Development Institute and reports to the Institute’s Executive Director.

Mandate: the IT Department provides the Planetary Development Institute with computer support and introduces information and communication technologies into the Institute’s operation.  

Mission: to create, maintain and improve the effectiveness of the Institute’s IT system supporting all the organisation’s activities.


  • Providing IT support of all of the Institute’s units;
  • Maintaining the continuous work of the Institute’s information infrastructure, including all communication channels;
  • Maintaining the Institute’s computers and other office equipment;
  • Providing comprehensive informatisation and automatisation solutions to the Institute’s management processes, including research and external relations;
  • Planning, implementing and developing cutting edge information technologies.


  • Technical support for the Institute’s website and server (administration, access provision and control, keeping information resources in good order and ensuring their security);
  • Monitoring the efficiency, safety and quality of the Institute’s IT infrastructure;
  • Creating and developing an automated Institute management system;
  • Purchasing and installing multimedia equipment in the Institute’s units;
  • Upgrading hardware and software;
  • Providing network access;
  • Training the Institute’s staff in using IT in their work;
  • Ensuring all information and communication contracts are signed, and goods and services are delivered.

The Department acts in co-ordination with other Institute units in carrying out activities within its jurisdiction, when it is necessary for the Department to carry out its mandate.


  • The Institute’s Executive Director carries out general management, co-ordination and oversight (strategic management) of the Department’s activity;
  • The Head of Department is responsible for operation management.