Status: the Information Monitoring Department is a unit of the Planetary Development Institute and reports to the Institute’s Director for Research.

Mandate: the Department provides the Institute with information support in the following areas:

  • Long-term planning;
  • Assessment and analysis of operation;
  • Information and methodological support of the Institute’s research;
  • Website support.

Mission: creating, maintaining and improving the system for information-analytical monitoring of external resources; to carry out research; provide expert services; and raise public awareness of the Planetary Development Institute.


  • collecting, analysis and systemising of information from external sources;
  • carrying out research through opinion polls, questionnaires, interviews, interactive voting and ratings, and other ratings;
  • facilitating the carrying out of the Institute’s research programmes and projects;
  • preparing materials for conference papers, reports, programmes and projects;
  • supporting the Institute’s presence on the Web;
  • contributing to implementing other Charter Goals and Objectives that meet the Institute’s research interests and social activity.


  • information monitoring of modern global problems (statistics, facts and analysis);
  • monitoring of studies and research projects in the Institute’s areas;
  • information monitoring of research organisations and NGOs involved in globalism research and other issues of the Institute’s research and social interest;
  • preparing the Institute’s website news content;
  • preparing materials for the Institute’s website editorial sections (statistics, analysis, reference materials, interactive maps etc.);
  • preparing materials for the Institute’s accounts in social media;
  • providing translation services.

The Department acts in co-ordination with other Institute units within its jurisdiction, when it is necessary for the Department to carry out its mandate.


  • The Institute’s Director for Research carries out general management, co-ordination and oversight (strategic management) of the Department’s activity;
  • The Head of Department is responsible for operation management.