Status: the Public Relations Department is a unit of the Planetary Development Institute and reports to the Institute’s Executive Director.

Mandate: to develop and implement the Institute’s information and communication policies to meet its Charter Goals and operational objectives in all spheres of activity.

Mission: forming, maintaining and developing information and communication activity of the Planetary Development Institute in the following areas:

  • Operational information support of the Institute’s activity;
  • Developing the Institute’s information and communication media;
  • Media relations;
  • Interacting with the Institute’s target audience and other publics;
  • Special information and communication projects and events;
  • Direct communications.


  • Strategic: introducing proposals regarding the Institute’s information and communication policies and developing and implementing its media projects;
  • Information: providing information about the Institute’s current events to external audiences and media through the Institute’s website and other media channels;
  • Communication: interacting with external agents including mass media, partner organisations, academic, NGOs and government bodies;
  • Image: forming and promoting the Institute’s image externally through media coverage and events;
  • Dissemination: developing and publishing academic, scholarly, public awareness and creative publications and other new information media;
  • Creative: developing and implementing creative projects.