Status: the Department of Research Programmes and Projects is a unit of the Planetary Development Institute and reports to the Director for Research.

Mandate: organises and co-ordinates research and innovation activity at the Planetary Development Institute.

Mission: to develop a school of comprehensive planetary research based on a systemic interdisciplinary approach; and to carry out basic and applied research as part of the Institute’s research plan, and also research commissioned by outside clients.


  • Developing and implementing Planetary Development Institute’s research programmes and projects;
  • Developing a network of partner research organisations, universities and scholars under the auspices of the Institute;
  • Encouraging planetary research in modern interdisciplinary studies.


  • Carrying out organisation and management activities to develop and implement the Institute’s research agenda;
  • Co-ordinating research of partner and supplier organisations and institutions under agreement with the Institute;
  • Involving outside research organisations and universities in collaboration on the Institute’s contracts;
  • Providing information, expertise and consultancy to outside clients on a contract basis;
  • Participating in organising and conducting academic, public awareness and social events including conferences and workshops

The Department acts in co-ordination with other Institute units within its jurisdiction, when it is necessary for the Department to carry out its mandate.


  • The Director for Research of the Planetary Development Institute carries out general management, co-ordination and oversight (strategic management) of the Department’s activity;
  • The Head of Department is responsible for operation management.