Basic, consultation and applied aspects are forms of implementing the Planetary Development Institute research results produced both by the Institute’s own staff and in collaboration with partner and contracted research organisations, universities, foundations and laboratories.

The Economic Systems and Processes Research Programme implies the following project directions:

  • Economic problems of globalisation and the global world;
  • Economic aspect of all global problems and processes;
  • Macroeconomics and geoeconomics;
  • Modern and latest economic models (including the creative economy);
  • Rational nature management and resource substitution;
  • etc.


The following special projects are planned:

1. Problem of calculating the aggregate world income.

2. Planetary rent: sources and appropriation mechanisms.

3. Payment management mechanisms for planetary resource use.

4. Socio-economic development indexes: non-contradictory calculation methods.

5. Sustainable development indicators and their practical application areas.

6. The Sixth Techno-economic Paradigm economic model.

7. Methods of calculating raw material requirements.

8. Effectiveness of the world current expenditure on global problem solving.

9. Methods of assessing the economic potential of the world’s intellectual resources.

10. The institution of planetary ownership and the mechanisms of its entrenchment and economic functioning.

11. Quality of life assessment system.

12. Developing a concept of planetary integrated economic distribution system.

13. Developing an economic mechanism of funding planetary institutions.

14. Creating conditions for new growth and economic development points.