Status: the Financial and Legal Department is a unit of the Planetary Development Institute and reports to the Institute’s Executive Director.

Mandate: the Financial and Legal Department provides optimal use of the Institute’s financial and legal resources in compliance with relevant legislation.

Mission: to provide financial and legal support for the Planetary Research Institute’s current and long-term activity through creating an efficient system of financial and legal discipline, control and reporting.


  • Organising the Institute’s financial activity to implement its working plans, to use its financial and labour resources safely and efficiently, and to make relevant payments on time;
  • Using legal means efficiently to strengthen the Institute’s financial condition and improve its economic performance;
  • Protecting the Institute’s rights and legal interests;
  • Representing the Institute in government, judicial, taxation and financial bodies and in negotiations with external organisations, etc.;
  • Providing the Institute with legal means to reach its objectives, and carry out its functions;
  • Paperwork management.


  • Financial planning of the Institute’s activity to use funds and resources efficiently;
  • Procuring financial means for the Institute’s operation and development as well as covering unplanned costs;
  • Carrying out accounting, internal control and financial audit of the Institute’s operation and assets management;
  • Executing payment operations including bank transfers;
  • Developing the Institute’s internal regulations;
  • Making agreements and contracts between the Institute and its partners, suppliers, customers and other parties, and providing expert assessment of these agreements;
  • Providing legal and financial advice, expert opinions and consultation services;
  • Carrying out other functions within its jurisdiction.

The Department acts in co-ordination with other Institute units within its jurisdiction, when it is necessary for the Department to carry out its mandate.


  • The Executive Director of the Planetary Development Institute carries out general management, co-ordination and oversight (strategic management) of the Department’s activity;
  • The Head of Department is responsible for operation management.